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Cinzia Coticoni's professional experiences

In 1980 follows a course on porcelain decoration at the studio “L’erbavoglio” ; some years later takes part in various exhibitions at the same venue.

In 1985 exhibits her porcelains and Batik silks in her own show at the “Nuova Acropoli” cultural centre, located in Piazza Colonna (Rome).

In 1987 starts her apprenticeship at Professor Raffaele Rumolo’s studio and yards.
Together with other artists, organizes an exhibition at her studio “Anabasis” situated in Rome, Via Luigi Vittorio Bertarelli, 117.
In the same year begins to cooperate as a decorator with the D.M. Studio of Davide Cecilia and Marina Moscetti, placed in Via degli Orsini, Rome.
For Mrs. Moscetti, restores several terracotta fountains and majolica plates (private clients).

In 1989 for Prof. Raffaele Rumolo, participates in the restoration of the apse of the church Santa Maria in Via; 18th gilding.

In 1990 - Palazzo Volpi: tempera decorated wooden false ceiling – 19th (restoration). Palazzo Braschi Vaselli: tempera decorations, 19th

In 1992 - Palazzo Fiano: tempera wall decorations (restoration).

In 1993 and in 1994 cooperates with decorator Davide Cecilia decorating all over again some parts of the second floor in Palazzo Grazioli (Via del Gesù, Rome).
Again with Mr. Cecilia decorates some private homes and hotels all over Italy.

In 1995 for Architect Giorgio Pes, decorates an apartment inside Palazzo Massimo (in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Rome).

In 1996 for Letizia Sementilli’s “Archeoidea” undertakes a subcontract for the frescos restoration in the church Santa Maria delle Grazie (Rosciolo, Abruzzo).

In 1997 cooperates again with decorator Davide Cecilia;
Leaves for Middle East: Doha Qatar; decorates the house of the First Minister’s second wife.

In 1998 for Mobex s r.l. of Bruna Grippa Cenusco S/N Milan carries out various decoration works in London and in the Middle East.
In the same year cooperates with the Corrado Torris’ firm, realizing fake marbles for the church of San Sebastian (Ancient Appian Way, Rome) and fake curtains for the church Sant’Andrea delle Fratte (Rome).

In 1999 decorates ceilings, doors and walls for the farm “Barone Antonio Negri”, in Gaiano, Salerno.

In 2000 re-decoration of wooden ceilings in Via Monterone, Rome.

In 2002 re-decoration of a room at the ground floor of Palazzo Altieri in Oriolo Romano, for Latium Monuments and Fine Arts Office; in cooperation with the firm Bandettini Constructions.

In 2003 realizes a bronze alto-relievo for the seat of CISL in via Castelfidardo, Rome.

In 2004 teaches decoration in a qualifying course for ART SERVICES S.r.l. of Mirano, Venice.
In the same year restores the cupola and the lime decorations of the church Sant’Antonio in Capena (Rome). Work manager: Laura Basile, Superintendent Arch. Pintari.

In 2005 restores the decorations of the church San Salvatore in Noto, for the firm Noto s.c.a.r.l.”, via Righi n. 6, Venezia. Work manager: Giovanna Susan, Superintendent Arch. Mariella Muti.

In 2006 redecorates the windows and shutters of the Palazzina Gregoriana (Quirinale) in Rome, for the EOS Consortium.
Decorates the aisles of the church S. Giovanni Battista, in Campagnano, Rome. (18th century).

In 2007, for the Mobex s.r.l., Milan, paints in oils (with a particular technique) 17 mirrors for a private house in London. In the same year decorates 10 panels for a private house.

In 2008 restores the decorations of the nave of S. Ignazio church in Palombara Sabina.
In the same year carries out two trompe-l’oeil for a private house in Rome.

In 2009 for Arcadia Italia S.r.l. decorates a ceiling (a 1626 planisphere) of the Ibrahim Haltassan Palace in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

In 2010-2011 – State Bar of Rome: stuccos and patinas. For the EOS Consortium, ceiling of the Buvette in Montecitorio, Rome.
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah – decorates an allegory, on another ceiling in the Ibrahim Haltassan Palace.

In 2012 for decorator Marilena Gianvita decorates some parts of a ceiling in the Maronite College in Rome.
For the firm SO.CO.MI. S.p.a. restores and decorates the Senate Palace in L. Toniolo, Rome.

In 2013 for MacArthur Glenn decorates the Castel Romano Outlet (Pomezia, Rome)


Cinzia Coticoni was born in Rome on 18th March 1965

Rome Institute of Sacred Art
11, via del Frantoio - Rome

Ornamental Arts School St. James
11, via di S. Giacomo - Rome

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